WisFit - 

A futuristic fitness machine


Individual project

Graduation project @ Shih Chien University


1 year ( 2015 - 2016 )   l   Refined in 2019


Alias  l  Keyshot

illustrator  l  Photoshop  l  After Effects


Wisfit is a new type of full-body workout equipment, providing a more productive and safer training process. I identified three essential pain points: unsafe weightlifting process, inefficient equipment sharing experience, and inconvenient progress tracking. Taking these points into account, I tested with ergonomics prototypes to develop an original, multifunctional fitness machine with a safety structure to stop falling barbells. The machine aimed to provide full-body training, saving people time switching between equipment. Additionally, users can track progress with a coaching APP attached to the equipment.




" Help exercisers reach their fitness goals efficiently."



Analyzed two main ways of

weight training.

Synthesized the advantages of both workout machines and free weight training to create a hybrid fitness machine.

User journey

My part-time work experience in the gym inspired me to create this graduation project. More specifically, the customers' high quit rate of bodybuilding was the trigger of the project. To deeply understand the reasons making exercisers frustrated, I conducted one-to-one interviews and drew user journey maps that illustrate their emotions and actions throughout weight training. Eventually, I defined three essential pain points of their workout process.

Intuitive to use

Full-body training

Identified and summarized the main concerns of customers.


Customers' concerns


Unsafe weightlifting process

Free weight equipment can train most muscle groups, but it requires guidance and supervision. Otherwise, accidents are prone to occur.

Develop equipment with a safety structure and maintain the flexibility of free weight training

Inefficient equipment sharing experience

Waiting for others to use the equipment is time-consuming. Users’ training process is interrupted by queuing for the equipment.

Use a magnetic resistance system along with cables to create equipment that affords full-body training

Inconvenient progress tracking

Waiting for others to use the equipment is time-consuming. Users’ training process is interrupted by queuing for the equipment.

Design an APP attached to the equipment for conveniently tracking progress





Workout Safely

Redesign the equipment structure to solve the safety concerns during weight training.




The joints which can be locked

at required angles

How the safety structure works

Replaceable barbell

 Adjustable barbell holders 

Magnetic resistance device that producing training load


Multifunctional exercise equipment

All training performs in one machine. There is no need to spend time waiting for the equipment occupied by other people and also get rid of the sweat and smell left by the previous user on the equipment.

Removable module


Various options of barbells or handles

Diverse combinations of equipment and surroundings

High-quality training

Replace traditional bumper plates with a magnetic resistance system.

Magnetic resistance systems are commonly used in today's flywheels or rowing machines. Equipped with this resistance module, the fitness machine provides a more efficient way to adjust users' training load. Users can connect the WisFit APP to the device and accurately change loads with interfaces.

An exerciser pulls the cable with a barbell attached to it.

The cable will trigger the magnetic resistance device and produce a training load.

WisFit APP

Adjust the training load

Training advices

Track the exercise progression

Starting workout

Connect to the equipment