IoT Vending Machine


This project aims to provide the retail industry an IoT solution that optimizes logistics and maintenance schedules, runs creative marketing and promotion campaigns on the machines, and understands their customers better through data analytics.  To elaborate, I cooperated with a UX designer and two software engineers to create a management dashboard for vending machines’ manufacturers, constructing complicated pages for stocking control, hardware maintenance, and instant product campaign feedback. Also, I refined a vending machine purchasing experience to enhance the financial bottom line for intelligent retail enterprises. 


User Interface design

B2B project @ MSI


UX designer - PI-FEN HSU

Software Engineers - CHUN-YI LIN  l  MAO-JUN YAN


illustrator  l  Photoshop


5 months ( 2019 ) 

End-users of the system

Flow chart

Cooperated with UX Designer - PI-FEN HSU

Our team utilized this flow chart to put everyone on the same page.



Purchasing process

There are three main categories on the home page 一

Common beverages   l   Special combinations for sale   l   Free WiFi 

Report a problem

We designed a reporting system for customers to inform the situation they encountered to the vending machine's owner.

Replenishment & Maintenance

A maintenance operator can use this system to check the machine's issues. Also, replenishers are allowed to refresh the machine's status after resupplying it with stocks.




Before settling on the dashboard's final design, we had managed more than five versions of wireframes to test interfaces' usability. Through the process, the team was able to clarify how the IoT-enabled

vending machine synchronizes with the management dashboard and how this whole solution would be demonstrated on exhibitions.

A functional


Manage each vending machine

on the map

Statistics for

a vending business

For a demonstration, please refer to the video below.