Individual project

Speculative design @ MSI


1 month ( 2019 ) 


Pro-E  l  Keyshot

illustrator  l  Photoshop  l  After Effects

A bone conduction headset optimizing the mobile gaming experience


Whisper is a speculative future service that aims at optimizing the mobile gaming experience. The physical products consist of a bone conduction headset, a wireless charger, and a portable charging case. The headset is equipped with an AI-empowered voice assistant, providing caring reminders and prompts throughout mobile games. Offering quick tips to get familiar with a new game, the Whisper APP's information platform reduces Esports’ beginners' frustrations. The APP also includes a summary of players’ performance, helping gamers improve their skills and increase their winning odds.



Target user

User journey

Identified and summarized the main concerns of mobile gamers.


" Increase gamers' winning odds."

Mobile gamers :

I should :

Before playing

Can not find an efficient way to get familiar with operations of a new mobile game.

  • Develop a platform organizing beginners' tips of the particular games that users want to participate in.

During playing

Sometimes focus too much on the games and miss vital signs of their surroundings.

  • Create a headset delivering voice from games as well as not blocking sounds from players' surroundings.

  • Utilize voice technology to provide essential reminders, such as "the bus is coming in 1 min."

During playing

After playing

Struggle to improve their skills in playing games and enhance their performance.

  • Integrate data analytics for digital games into Whisper APP, summarizing gamers' weak and strong sides in the game.

  • Apply advice widgets with a voice assistant in games to tell the way skills work or how to use equipment with maximum efficiency.

Business partnership


Sketches for headsets




Headset's components

Multiple ways to

interact with the headset

If it is not convenient for customers to express their intent to the voice assistant, they can use the touch panel or their head gesture to issue their commands.

Easy bluetooth pairing


Flow chart of Whisper APP

Acquire precise information

Before playing



Users can not find an efficient way to get familiar with a new mobile game.

Whisper's service offers a platform that organizes beginners' tips for particular games. The platform shows suitable tutorial videos for beginners. When players upgrade their levels in games, the content will adapt to it and become users' customized resources.

Play smart & improve performance

During playing



Users sometimes are too nervous to notice important signs in the games and miss the chance to gain victory.

Since smartphones' screen size is too small for additional instructions to display, I found it convenient to utilize voice technology to give users a hint while they were playing games. With real-time advice, gamers can make a breakthrough, go further, learn more high-end skills, and become the master of their games.

The system will remember the recent settings of different games that users frequently play. While users become advanced gamers, the AI assistant will change hints' contents and adapt to gamers' situation. Take two of the latest mobile games for example.

Get a personal analysis of performance in games


Gamers mostly struggle to improve their skills in playing games and enhance their performance.


Based on different levels in games, the system will provide customized training progress for each user. 

After playing

Visualize gamers' data

Take PUBG as an example. This dashboard summarizes different equipment's win rate and helps users figure out which weapon is suitable for a melee or a remote shot.

Balance mobile games with real life

Be aware of surroundings



Users sometimes focus too much on playing games and miss vital signs of their surroundings.

Bone conduction headset delivers voice from games as well as not blocking sounds from players' surroundings. The voice assistant can sync with users' calendars or alarms to inform them of important meetings.

The Whisper headset is also used for exercising, detecting users' body status through a heart rate sensor.

The personal status page keeps records of how much time users playing mobile games. If users' phubbing time exceeds the average time of a healthy standard, the system would inform them to rest a little bit.



charging cases

Wireless charger for a smartphone and the portable charging case.