Hi 🙌🏻, I'm

( Chia-Pei, Lai )

I’m a Product Designer from an industrial design background, interested in creating an innovative digital experience in new technologies. Empathizing with human needs and emotions, I’ve made efforts to solve real-world issues through physical and digital products. I continuously discover and learn new things about design, myself, and the world around me.

Selected Works -



# Industrial design   # UI&UX

A futuristic fitness machine providing a more efficient and safer process for weight training.

Graduation project


A bone conduction headset attached with an AI-empowered voice assistant, which optimizing the mobile gaming experience.

Speculative design project

# Industrial design   # UI&UX

Smart Coffee Maker

An IoT-enabled coffee machine that is available for being remotely controlled by phone.

IoT solutions

# Industrial design   # UI&UX   #IoT

IoT Vending Machine

Design the purchase interfaces on the IoT vending machine and create a management dashboard for the retail industry.

IoT solutions

# Industrial design   # UI&UX   #IoT

Animations -

Promo videos -

IoT solutions for

restaurants   fleet management

Automotive & Commercial solutions

# IoT solutions  # Motion Graphics Design

Gaming Products -

Gaming headsets  l

graphic cards  l

2D rendering concepts

Gaming gears

# IoT solutions  # Motion Graphics Design